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The tip & total do not divide evenly so one person has to pay a different amount.

Tip Calculator Help

Enter the amount on your receipt or bill and then adjust how much you want to pay.

First, in the Your Receipt section enter the sub-total or amount on your receipt into the Amount box. You may also enter the tax on your receipt into the Tax box. When you change the amount the desired total will be automatically recalculated.

Second, adjust the What to Pay section by doing one of the following. The Put on Your Receipt section will automatically recalculate after each change.

You may split your total with multiple people by entering the number of people into the Number of People box in the Split section. In some cases the tip & total won't divide evenly so one person will need to pay a different amount than the rest.

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Printable Tip Chart

Click the link below to download a free printable tip chart. The chart prints to credit card size.

Free Tip Chart